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Gartner Communications develops and implements strategic communications programs that deliver competitive advantages.

We believe that professional corporate PR follows similar rules across industries. That is why our client roster ranges from mid-sized “hidden champions” to S&P 500 corporations.

We know the corporate perspective

Our consulting is based on more than 25 years of experience in international corporate communications, a large part of it spent in top management positions in-house. We understand the internal challenges and opportunities that face a corporate communicator. At the same time, we bring an independent, external perspective to the table.

Intelligent solutions for individual requirements

The solutions we develop are as individual as our clients' expectations. For each assignment, we put together a team combining appropriate knowledge and expertise, drawing from a global network of communications professionals that has grown over decades.

Maximized competence at minimized friction

We provide access to outstanding expertise, without the cost structures associated with traditional PR agencies. Our clients’ money goes into action instead of overheads. This way, we’re able to deliver excellent results even on modest budgets.

Ulrich Gartner has held a number of top management positions including VP Communications, Europe, at household maker Electrolux, and MD, Germany, at global network agency MS&L. He has lived and worked in Brussels for five years, and Stockholm for three years, before founding Gartner Communications in January 2010.



Developing competitive advantages - systematically

Creative chaos is indispensable when putting together a strategic communications concept that is supposed to deliver results. Yet creativity will create real value only when embedded in structured processes with defined, step-by-step objectives.

We apply a number of systematic tools to analyze a client’s challenges, draw strategic conclusions and translate these into effective communicative instruments.

Strategy Process

A successful strategy process starts with asking the right questions. We do this by adding an unbiased, external perspective to the client’s own views. Analysis and objectives lead to a strategic recommendation that is subsequently molded into a concrete conceptual approach and detailed planning.

Behavioral Economics

Corporate Communications ultimately aim to influence behavior. Behavioral economics enhances knowledge about how supposedly rational decisions are largely driven by emotional triggers. We use these insights in planning and implementing communications programs.

Crisis Process

Corporate crises are exceptional situations, characterized by high levels of complexity and time pressure. We provide our clients with reliable tools and methods to prepare for and manage crisis situations - from identifying potential sources of crises to acute crisis management on site.

Clients and Expertise

Individual solutions to indivdual requirements

There are clients we serve continuously over years, and others we cooperate with on a one-off project basis. Some require full service from conception to implementation, while others may only use our expertise in a specific area. Whatever the assignment may be - we always develop an individual approach that will create as much value as possible.

Here's a a selection of industries and clients we serve, and experience we bring to the table.


date: 2017-04-29

Umfrage: Vertrauensverlust klassischer Medien spitzt sich zu

Klassische Medienformate verlieren weiter an Vertrauen. Das zeigt eine Umfrage von Gartner Communications unter deutschen PR-Profis.

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Umfrage: Bundesregierung beschädigt Vertrauen

Die Kommunikation der Bundesregierung in der Flüchlingskrise beschädigt Vertrauen. Das zeigt eine Umfrage von Gartner Communications unter deutschen PR-Profis.

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InfiniteLatitude enters Russia

PR consultants network InfiniteLatitude has added AG Public Relations as a new partner in Moscow.

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